Edmonton man severely beaten, wife charged with murder

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Edmonton man severely beaten, wife charged with murder

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Police have charged a 52 year old woman with second-degree murder after the death of her 56-year-old husband inside their northeast Edmonton home.

The lead detective, Staff Sgt Bill Clark says the victim was severely beaten, and had gone into cardiac arrest.
“This is a classic case of domestic violence,” Clark said. The second incident of the year to fall into the category according to the head of the homicide unit.

The victim, who was injured Sunday evening and died early Monday, has been identified as Teck Hwang. Clark says the accused Kyuk Hwang, called 911.
“There was some history. Other court records will go into what other charges in regards to the accused. There was some history there but little police involvement with this family, just a couple of incidents,” Clark told a news conference.

Teck Hwang died from blunt drastic trauma, a medical examiner term that Clark admits he’s never heard of before. He’s used to the more common blunt force trauma.
“It will come out in the court process, just the nature of the injuries and the description that they will provide and you’ll see why they used the word drastic.”
“It was a severe beating.”

“We have indications of an object being used. I’m not going to talk about what type of object. We believe we have found that object at the crime scene.”
Homicide investigators were at the house at 8416 160 Avenue Sunday evening.
The man died of cardiac arrest in hospital early Monday morning.

Police say domestic violence incidents are up 17% over the first six months of this year compared to 2012, 62 versus 51. Clark says those are only the ones that are aggravated assault or worse and are investigated by a special unit. Others that are a lesser category are dealt with by patrol officers, and others he suspects aren’t reported at all.




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