Edmonton Police seize man’s car over alleged road rage incident

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Edmonton police have seized a man’s SUV over an alleged road rage encounter before his criminal charges have been dealt with by the courts.

“We investigated nine specific road rage incidents in two years with this person.” said Superintendent Kevin Galvin.  He says police took the man’s vehicle away because he is a problem driver and a risk to public safety.

“We had intimidation. There was enough evidence there that we felt on a reasonable and probable grounds that we could like criminal code violence charges and arrest the person for those charges and bring them before the courts.”

Police seized the car after an April incident where a driver of one vehicle allegedly attempted to force another vehicle off of the road and then threatened the other driver.

Galvin won’t identify the driver, or his charges.

“It’s a bit of an oddity for us to have both courts running at the same time.  I’m, sensitive to the complexities of this particular application.”

Alberta Justice is encouraging police forces to use this means to recover costs.

“There’s a cost to communities that crime inflicts on communities and the province and the cities have to pick up the tab for that, the policing costs, the health care costs, all those related costs,” said Karl Wilberg who runs Alberta’s civil forfeiture program.

“The Supreme Court of Canada said its fine if those provinces and cities have to pay those costs, they can also do some of the cost recovery too.”

Wilberg says the civil side of proceedings can take a matter of days, and Edmonton Police say once that runs its course, then they’ll release more details.  (sj/scb)


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